Comfort, Style and Choice that will make em' bark for more!

Our Tale BandaPooch is a patented product made in Maine. It was a love for dogs and trying to personalize their style that gave birth to the BandaPooch design. Consumers are offered a standard designer line as well as holiday and specialty collections. BandaPooch allows all tastes and styles the opportunity to stand out and is passionate about dogs and letting their personality shine. Our patented product offers a stretchable neck line and reinforced reversible sides to maintain a quality that stays with your dog where ever they go.... Or get into. 

About Dana Dana resides on a small island on the coast of Maine with her husband, two daughters and pooch, Lisa. Dana is the creater/designer/producer of BandaPooch. When she is not slaving away over BandaPooches, she enjoys knitting, doing crafty things or spending time with family and friends.

The Making of BandaPooch It has been a year in the making. From creating the concept, to buying a sewing machine, to research and development with friends and families pooches. It was a devotion to making a product that would look good and last a long time that finally brought BandaPooch to the door it finally opened. It hasn't been easy on this long trip, but well worth it so far. Many of the BandaPooch models are rescue dogs and our own pooch, Lisa plays model very well. I have learned a lot about starting a business in this short time. I have built this website by myself, creating logos, graphics and trying to make something appealing for our patrons. I hope that my visitors can find something that resembles theirs and their dog's personality and hit that buy button. I know you will be thrilled when you receive your hand crafted BandaPooch made on a small island on the coast of Maine. Thank you so much for your support and please make sure your spread our name!